The National Media Council (NMC) will be taking part in the upcoming Games Con Middle East on November 23-25, 2017, at the Abu Dhabi National Expo Centre (ADNEC).


With its participation and support, the NMC is looking to promote the Age Classification guide for media content – including films, videos, video games, books and e-books – which are set to be launched with the goal of educating the community about creating the right content for each age category.


The Council's participation in the upcoming convention reflects its commitment to its national role in protecting all segments of society – especially children – against inappropriate or abusive content. The NMC is working to establish regulations to help classify art works and content based on their target age groups, in order to provide balanced and responsible media content that suits all segments of society, and adheres to the pre-determined media content standards.


The National Media Council is set to hold two workshops during the event, on November 23 and 24. The first session will focus on the age classification of video games, while the second is set to consist of a debate around comic books and Manga content.


Also on the agenda is a competition bearing the title "Suggest an Idea", which allows gamers and game developers to present their ideas for games to a panel of prominent video-game experts. Judges will evaluate the entries based on a set of criteria including quality, cohesion of ideas and suitability. Winners will be able to avail sponsorship opportunities from major international video game corporations.


Games Con is a global exhibition featuring the latest in video games around the world, attracting enthusiasts, distributors and developers.