The National Media Council (NMC) launched the "Self-Follow up" programme at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2018, allowing publishers to evaluate book content and improve circulation.


Launched in a press conference held today (Sunday, April 29, 2018), at the NMC's pavilion at the Fair, the programme seeks to enhance the competitiveness of the publishing sector in the UAE, and fulfil the Council's aspirations for a thriving publishing industry.


Present at the launch event were representatives of publishing houses, libraries, printing presses, distributors, and media outlets, where the NMC sought to familiarise them with the programme, which seeks to produce best-in-class content; enhance productivity and efficiency; empower the private sector and include it in setting regulations; reduce the time it takes to complete transactions; and improve the service provided to clients.


The programme will also see the National Media Council conduct training sessions for publishers, bookstores, and distributors, to help them use the Self-Follow up programme to assess the books they wish to circulate, in line with the standards set by the media content system and the age classification system.


His Excellency Dr Rashid Al Nuaimi, NMC's Executive Director of Media Affairs, said: "At the National Media Council, we strive to support the publishing industry and upgrade media content in the UAE. The new 'Self-Follow up programme is set to improve the book circulation service and the broader publishing industry. It will also enrich the book market, and engage the private sector in setting and achieving common strategies that promote the national publishing industry."


He added: "The Self-Follow up programme is expected to achieve many results including: reducing time spent on transactions; introducing a "Self-Follow up Department" (internal and external content quality); and launching a mystery shopper programme."


The Council has set a number of requirements for institutions to register in the "Self-Follow up" programme, including: Commitment to media content standards; possession of a valid media license from the National Media Council; nominating two or more of its employees to pass the training seminars organised by the NMC to instruct them on how to use the programme; and ensuring the candidates are fluent in both English and Arabic.



The programme targets 17 different categories of books, including children's books, cookbooks, books on decorating, dictionaries, maternity and childcare books, academic books, and entertaining books.