the National Media Council carried out around 8500 inspections of media facilities and shops throughout the country to ensure that relevant media standards were being implemented and that the conditions applicable to media licences were being observed. Adherence to the standards related to the control and approval of media and advertising content was also checked.

The inspections covered the following technical categories: Audio-visual, cinema, video games and computer software.

As a result of the inspections, a total of 722 fines were issued to facilities and shops that were engaged in media activities without a licence or in breach of the conditions of such licences.

Through its Media Content Follow-Up Administration, the National Media Council, undertakes monitoring of the implementation of regulations on media and advertising content in publications and other printed material produced in the country. It also carries out analytical research in the different areas of media content, then making the appropriate recommendations.

The special responsibilities of the Council  include the study and review of all media activities, including how they should be organised and carried out, following up on media content, devising ways of developing electronic media  and the laying down of a regulatory framework covering the Council and the various Media Free Zones in the country.

Among the main services offered by the Media Content Follow-Up Administration are:

Licencing of technical classifications,

Issuing of licences for  dealing in and distribution of publications

Issuing of licences for the printing of books and other publications

Issuing of licences for film scripts

Receiving of applications for the issuing of new newspapers and magazines, together with the first issues

Issuing of licences for the distribution of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual newspapers and magazines

Issuing of approvals for the import of media material through the country's ports, airports and land borders

Carrying out of follow-up and inspection activity