The National Media Council (NMC)'s youth wing, the Youth Media Council, has launched the 'Thank You Our Leaders' initiative to mark International Youth Day, which is celebrated every year on August 12.


Conceived to express gratitude to the UAE leadership for the unwavering support it has given to the country's young people, Thank You Our Leaders aims to reinforce the values of patriotism in the UAE community and to commemorate the UAE's achievements in delivering the goals and aspirations of its youth.


NMC's Youth Media Council has called on citizens and residents of the UAE to take part in the Thank You Our Leaders initiative on August 12 by recording a short video or thank-you text through social media platforms, with messages to be posted under the hashtag: #ThankYouOurLeaders.


Thank You Our Leaders is an expression of UAE youth pride in its leadership, which has strived continuously for the advancement, progress and development of the UAE.