What is the scope of the electronic media system?

This system applies to all electronic media activities carried out within the UAE, including in the free zones. As per the system, any form of electronic media activity that is determined by the National Media Council shall be prohibited except after a decision has been issued that approves the granting of a media licence in accordance with the laws and regulations

What are the objectives of the electronic media system?

The electronic media system aims to:
1. Support the electronic and digital media industry and regulate their activities to ensure they are effective and contribute to supporting the publishing industry.
2. Keep abreast of the rapid developments in electronic media to enrich digital content.
3. Reinforce electronic media’s respect of the religious, cultural and social values of the UAE and promote freedom of opinion, expression and constructive interaction
4. Provide balanced, responsible and impartial media content that respects the privacy of individuals and protects various community members against any possible negative effects.
It covers any means of expression including writing, painting, music, photography or others that are transferable between individuals in any form, whether printed, audible or visual as well as electronic or digital means, or any other technological means.

What are the electronic media activities to be licensed?

The following electronic media activities require prior authorization, in accordance with the provisions of the system and covering all means of social communication:
1. Sites used to trade, showcase and sell print, video, and audio materials.
2. Electronic publishing activities and on-call printing.
3. Specialized websites such as the electronic advertisements, news sites, etc.
4. Any electronic activity that the council deems appropriate to be added.

What about Free Zones?

Companies registered in free zones shall be subject to the provisions of the system, subject to the relevant legislations applicable in the Free Zones.

What are the conditions that must be fulfilled in the applicant?

The application for the license must be submitted to the Board with all forms prepared for this purpose, duly filled. Further:
1. The applicant should be of old enough to have legal capacity; the age requirement may be exempted on a case-by-case basis
2. The applicant should have good reputation and decent conduct.
3. The applicant should not be convicted of a crime involving a breach of honour or public trust unless he has been already rehabilitated or pardoned by the appropriate authorities.
4. The applicant should hold high academic qualification from a college, institute or an accredited university; however, he/she may be exempted from meeting such requirements.
5. The applicant shall meet the requirements regarding the licenced activity.
6. The applicant should not have any license that has already been suspended or cancelled, or his/her company has been shut down or closed, or he/she has already been prevented from carrying out a specific media activity unless the related reasons for issuance of the decision or judgment have been remedied or removed.
7. The applicant should not have any financial dues towards the council.
8. The applicant should abide by the instructions and regulations set for carrying out media activities.
9. Any other terms, requirements or regulations as decided by the Council or as may be required by the media activity to be licensed.

Is it permissible to dispose of a license?

The license shall be issued on behalf of the applicant; it cannot be waived off in whole or in part and in any form, or be leased, allowed to use, invested or managed or granted permission to any other person to dispose of the activity in any manner, except after submitting an application and obtaining the approval of the Council.

what about traditional media websites?

The websites of the traditional media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines) are licensed under the provisions of the Law to engage in the same activities electronically and do not need to secure an extra licence

How soon should the person responsible for existing electronic media activities correct their situation?

The person responsible for electronic media activities existing prior to the issuance of this system must correct their situation in accordance with the provisions of this Law and the instructions issued by the Council for this purpose before 1 June 2018.