What is the National Media Council?

The National Media Council is an independent federal body established in 2006. Its role is to develop a national strategy to promote the media sector in the United Arab Emirates and to enhance its positive image and to keep pace with its distinguished position at various levels in order to ensure the integration of roles to achieve informed national media. The Council also sets up the necessary regulations, standards and foundations for the work, licensing and accreditation of the media and its employees, as well as the preparation of the necessary regulations and standards for organizing the media and electronic content, and to coordinate with the authorities of the media free zones to establish a regulatory framework for the relationship between them and the Council, through propose draft laws and prepare the necessary regulations to regulate the practice of information activities, in addition to follow up the media content in its various forms of traditional and digital.

What is the National Media Council's Vision?

Establish a national media that keeps up with the times, draws on the UAE's principles and values, and ably disseminates its message

What is the National Media Council's Mission?

Develop a national strategy for the advancement of the media sector that can strengthen the positive image of the UAE and keep up with its distinguished status at various levels.

What are the National Media Council's Objectives?

1. Regulate the country's media sector and provide support to concerned parties.

2. Preserve the nation's reputation and achievements via the media locally and internationally.

3. Provide a sophisticated news media environment.

4. Ensure that all administrative services are delivered in accordance with quality, efficiency and transparency standards.

5. Establish a culture of innovation in an institutional framework.

What are National Media Council's Role?

1. Develop a national strategy to promote the UAE's media sector and enhance its positive image.

2. Keep up with the UAE's distinguished position at various levels to ensure the integration of roles and establish an enlightened and modern national media, rooted in the UAE's principles and capable of spreading the nation's message of moderation and tolerance.

What are the National Media Council's Specializations?

1. Study and review media activities and organizing the media practice.

2. Organizing and monitoring media content.

3. Developing electronic information regulations.

4. Establishment of an organizational framework between the Council and the free media zones in the State.

What are the business sectors that are managed and supervised by the National Media Council?

The National Media Council manages the following business sectors:

1. Media sector.

2. Strategic communication and media sector.

3. Support Services Sector.

4. Emirates News Agency.

What is Emirates News Agency (WAM)?

Emirates News Agency, WAM was established in November 1976, the United Arab Emirates agreed to set up to communicate news and information about the nascent state. On 18th June, 1977, WAM began to fulfil its professional mandate by transmitting UAE news to the rest of the world, covering all political, social, cultural and sports events and events, Local and foreign participants, and the country's news in Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, German, Italian, Turkish, Persian and Hindi from 8 am to 1 pm embolden.

What is the role of the National Media Council in the World Expo?

Since its establishment, the National Media Council has been building and managing the UAE pavilions at the World Expo and developing an integrated vision to participate in these exhibitions. The role of the National Media Council is to convey a bright image of the UAE and to enhance its position in regional and international forums and highlight its efforts and achievements. cultural, economic and social aspects of the international arena.

What are the most important regulations issued by the National Media Council?

NMC has issued the following regulations since the issuance of the Council's Terms of Reference No. 11 of 2016:

1. Media Content System

2. Licensing System

3. Age Classification System

4. Electronic Media Regulations

4. Self-Monitoring program

Where is the National Media Council Located?

The main headquarter of the National Media Council is located in Abu Dhabi, and has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ain.

What are the electronic services does the National Media Council provide to its customers?

First: Media Licenses:

1. Granting media licenses to the newspaper or magazines

2. Book a magazine or journal name.

3. Photography and filming permits (Land and Aerial)

4. Equipment and cameras entry permits.

4. Granting a license to broadcast radio and television.

Second: Media Content:

1. Organizing the entry of media content and materials through the State borders.

2. Trading license for newspapers and magazines.

3. Permission to print and license the circulation of publications and texts.

4. License for trading of technical artistic works.

Third: External Media:

1. Accreditation of foreign journalists and correspondence.

Fourth: Emirates News Agency (WAM):

1. The official agency of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates News Agency broadcasts its services in eight languages, serving more than 100 countries around the world.

Who are the strategic partners of the Council?

1. National Media Institutions

2. Digital Media

3. Audiovisual and printed media

4. Federal and Local Government Institutions

5. Publishing sector

6. Film making

7. Media Free Zones Regional and International Media Institutions.

8. Universities and Training Institutes