The National Media Council (NMC) has unveiled a set of regulations for electronic media, which govern all online activities, including e-commerce; publishing and selling of print, video, and audio material; as well as advertising.

 The new guidelines apply to news websites, electronic publishing outlets, and on-demand printing, including commercial activities conducted through social media within the UAE. The NMC released the new directives in a media briefing held today. The session was led by NMC Director General His Excellency Mansour Ibrahim Al Mansouri, and Dr Rashid Al Nuaimi, the Council's Executive Director of Media Affairs.

 The regulations seek, first and foremost, to help the UAE media sector remain on top of the rapid developments in electronic media, in addition to enriching and organising digital content, and ensuring that media material respects the religious, cultural and social values of the UAE, all the while promoting freedom of expression and constructive dialogue. The new code of practice provides balanced and responsible media content that respects the privacy of individuals, and protects the public – especially children – from negative or harmful material.