Expo 2019 Beijing is an international gardening event, with more than 110 countries and international organizations participating under the theme “Live Green, Live Better”. The UAE is participating for the first time in Horticulture Expo.

The UAE pavilion at Expo 2019 Beijing set to shed light on the UAE Founding Father the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s efforts to develop the country’s agricultural sector.

The UAE Pavilion covers a total area of 1,850 square meters, 80% of which consist of gardens, while the remaining 20% are built-up spaces
The UAE Pavilion at Expo 2019  Beijing focuses on reflecting the UAE's Green Strategy and its National Initiatives to convert the desert into green spaces, through innovations in agriculture  

The UAE Pavilion houses:
- 36 palm trees
- 146 trees from 20 different species
- 2,500 individual plants from 10 different species 
- 5,924 plants of vegetables and herbs which will be grown during the 6 months 

UAE Pavilion Logo:
UAE Pavilion’s logo designed from one side of the official logo of Expo 2019 Beijing; inside reflects the details of palm tree ring age and the desert behind it, which became a green area thanks to the national efforts to develop the agriculture sector. The blue arch shows the blue oases because of the green policy adopted by the country.