The National Media Council (NMC), the regulatory body for the UAE's dynamic media sector, has announced the launch of the 'Media Lab.' Established to unify the efforts of media laboratories across the country, the facility forms part of the council's strategic role in upgrading national media systems and is a tangible result of the UAE Government Annual Meetings that took place in September 2017.

As an incubator for developing media skills in the UAE, NMC's Media Lab supports talent across media fields and disciplines. It has been set up to provide individuals with theoretical and practical expertise, thereby qualifying them to participate in the labor market and to cope with the rapid developments witnessed by the media sector at the local and international levels. In its scope and ambition, the Media Lab serves the national agendas of Vision 2021 and the UAE Centennial 2071.

NMC's Media Lab targets three categories of promising young media talent; writers, filmmakers and games producers. NMC is to hold brainstorming sessions related to the three categories, with the activities attended and led by members of the Youth Media Council to discuss the needs of each group and to develop training programs commensurate with their requirements.