His Excellency Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of the National Media Council (NMC), launched the “Walk to Give” initiative at a Council board meeting held on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.


Employees and workers from the media sector across the UAE are invited to take part in the initiative, which the Council is set to organise on Friday, March 17, 2017, and which goes to support the Year of Giving 2017.


H.E. Dr Al Jaber has stressed that the initiative seeks to shed light on the important role that the media sector plays in the success of nation-wide initiatives. “It also encourages media personnel to actively promote the noble messages and objectives of the Year of Giving,” H.E. continued, “and to double the values of giving and volunteering, and establish them as part of the corporate culture of the media sector in the UAE.”


“Media professionals have more responsibilities when it comes to national initiatives,” H.E. Dr Al Jaber explained: “They must take part in these initiatives. While promoting them along with all national events, they must encourage the rest of society to follow suit and actively participate in social initiatives.”


The meeting discussed issues related to governance and new legislation expected to be issued soon, as well as policies and regulations that the Council is working on. These include the Online Media System project, which aims to regulate online media in the UAE and steer it towards practices and goals that benefit the general public. The system also seeks to outline its legal and moral frameworks, and to ensure that the UAE’s religious, cultural, and social values are respected.


The board discussed the key messages pertaining to the UAE’s foreign media strategy, and explored ways to see to it that all media stakeholders adhere to them. Moreover, members of the board deliberated over a review mechanism to periodically evaluate the strategy and its implementation, and put forth plans to create a Foreign Reporters Club in the UAE to bolster communication with them.


On another note, the board was briefed on the latest updates regarding the UAE’s participation in Expo Astana 2017 – the pavilion is expected to be fully set up by the end of May. As for the UAE pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020, the bidding has been opened with a lead contractor set to be appointed by the end of April.


Finally, the Council went through the initiatives scheduled to be launched during the Month of Reading, as well as the Council’s plans to support media activities to be launched in March.