The National Media Council launched the Youth Media Council initiative based on the findings of a first-of-its-kind survey, which was conducted nation-wide in collaboration with the UAE University's Centre for Public Policy and Leadership. Entitled Sources of Youth for Obtaining Information and News, the study provides insight into the local media sector, along with suggestions to upgrade it to meet international standards and best practices.
Council Objectives

Members of the Youth Media Council

Hamad Abdulrahman AlAydaroos
Abdulla Saeed Alneyadi
Shehabaddin Ali Alserri
Rafeed Ahmed Alharthi
Hameed Yousuf Mohamed
Manar Mohamad
Mariam Abdulaziz Alzaabi
Amira Mohamad
Sara Ali Al Jneibi
Maitha Ali Algargawi
Hadeel Hussaeldin Abdulrehem
Shaima Khaked Alammari