Issuing a license for re-printing (newspaper / magazine) within the UAE.

Documents and conditions:
  1. Fill in a special form requesting the issuance of a license to reprint / Newspaper - Magazine.
  2. A passport copy and 2 photographs for both the owner and the editor in chief.
  3. Provide the license for the newspaper/magazine issued from its country of origin including its expiry date.
  4. Provide 5 copies of each new edition of the newspaper/magazine.
  5. Also provide a copy of the media and commercial licenses for the Printing Press that will print the Magazine/Newspaper.

Second, the conditions to issue a license to re-print newspaper/magazine:
  1. A formal letter signed by the owner of the Magazine/Newspaper stating his non objection to the applicant to re-print.
  2. 5 copies of the reprinted Magazine/Newspaper are required to be provided to the Licensing Department.
  3. The licensing Department must be notified for any change in the license information within (14) days from the date of the change.
Fees must be paid in E-Dirham (Government Client Card.) As follows:

# Type Fees Renewal Fees
1 Daily Magazine/Paper 50,000 50,000
2 Weekly Magazine/Paper 25,000 25,000
3 Bi Monthly Magazine/Paper 15,000 15,000
4 Monthly (or each 2 Months) Magazine/Paper 10,000 10,000
5 Periodical Magazine/Paper 6,000 6,000

NOTE: Application forms should be filled in Arabic only

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